especial thanks to Jacqueline Kruijzen for sharing this article

  1. Just an average Joe March 5th, 2010 3:54 pm ET

    Leave the Jackson family alone! The same old bandwagon bashing commentary is getting old! Some of YOU remind me of the “friends” who say good things about MJ then turn around and flip him off, showing unwavering support for the enemies! The children are fine. Most of these posts are shameful and disgraceful!!!! When will this ever end?! Some of you have the nerve to call yourselves fans! Some of you “fans” here are just as bad as the bobble-head media whores! It’s all innuendo, propoganda, and speculation! All of this bs has been instigated by troublemakers(the media)! Please don’t let the NEO-con Servative owned and run media play you like a fiddle! Paying these criminals in both money and ATTENTION keeps them in business. Don’t buy into it. It’s all garbage, they have tried to run down Michael and the Jackson family for years, but don’t worry they will definitely get theirs in the end. 🙂 It is quite perplexing to me how some of you continue to believe and gobble up every single piece of TRASH that they(the corrupt) feed you. Please don’t bad mouth anyone in the Jackson family…you don’t know them, have never met them, and have NEVER walked a day in their shoes. Have a nice day.

  2. kathy 40 March 8th, 2010 10:00 am ET

    @Jan. I too am very uneasy about Nanny Grace. She was with MJ for 17 years. They had their share of quarrels but MJ is very forgiving, so he took her back time and again. But just a few days before MJ died she is giving an interview with tabloid TV in England. And this is just maybe 10 days before MJ was to go over for the final rehearsals and his TII performances. Deepak Chopra’s daughter tried to cover up for Grace, telling a lot of baloney about her “being misguided and misinterpreted” by Daphne Barak, fact is she WAS talking about MJ’s problems and spilling the beans on him. What struck me was that she said she took away the kids from him for a few days. Well that’s just the ONE thing you could not do to Michael, separate him from his children. Whether she meant well or not, she no RIGHT. No wonder he let her go for good this time and just because she didn’t get paid for a mere 5 months she went to England, of all places, and betrayed him.British tabloids have been crucifying Michael for years and still do. I can’t help thinking Grace has an evil streak to her, because how could she forget the GOOD years and times he had with him and why did Katherine take her back. Nanny was away from the kids for 6 months already. This really puzzles me. AND HOW COULD GRACE say she loves HER BABIES (the nerve of that woman), while she was trashing and badmouthing THEIR BELOVED DADDY on British Television. If Grace is really the one who caused this commotion around this stungun thing she did the kids more harm than the 13-year old boy did. There are other and better ways to show her concern for the kids’ wellbeing. What you said about Debbie is also true, but she really LOVED MJ. She must have because I can’t imagine just GIVING away my children. She just wanted to make MJ happy. Now that the 2 children KNOW she is their “birthmother” maybe when they get older and anderstand things better they might want to have a more steady contact with her. Of one thing you can be sure: Debbie will never let anyone harm MJ’s children. From a distance she will always be keeping an eye on them and she will stop at nothing to protect them.

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