Columnist Roger Friedman: Joe Jackson Spurns Son’s Estate’s Offer Even Though Joe’s Not in Michael Jackson’s Will

(CBS/ AP) Michael Jackson’s father has turned down an offer from his son’s estate of a $15,000 monthly allowance – even though the King of Pop specifically excluded his father from his will.

That’s the word from Showbiz411.com columnist Roger Friedman, who told “Early Show” co-anchor Harry Smith Tuesday, “Joe Jackson has been petitioning the court, asking for an allowance — even though he wasn’t in the will — specifically not in the will. And now I can tell you that he’s been offered a monthly allowance of $15,000 and he doesn’t want it. It’s not enough for him. So he’s still carrying on in court.”

Friedman also called the $200-$250 million deal the estate reportedly has reached with Sony Music Entertainment involving the late Gloved One’s music the biggest of its type, ever — the largest involving music only and not merchandising or other avenues.

The Associated Press is reporting that it involves 10 projects over seven years, and one of the albums will be of never-before-released Jackson recordings and will come out in November.


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