When Slash Referred to Michael Jackson’s ‘Black Or White’ As ‘Gay,’ He Meant ‘Happy’

Not only did Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash not help Michael Jackson create the single “Black Or White,” he doesn’t even like the song. ‘Cause it’s GAY.

At Canadian Music Week last week, Slash delivered the keynote speech, addressing the urban legend that he was providing the guitar riffs on the Jacko anthem. His choice of words: “I never played on [Black or White’]. If you listen to [the hook], that’s gay. I’d never play that.”

Not all Jackson songs were too gay for Slash; he did play on “Give In To Me.” But now he’s v. v. sorry he said such a nasty thing. “I thought about that afterward ’cause really that just came right out… now I think it sounded a bit too derogatory. What I really meant was that the sound of the guitar is very happy. It just doesn’t sound like me, anyone would know that. It’s not the guitar sound you would expect from me, but somehow I got pigeonholed as the guy who played on that song.”

Haha. He meant to insult “Black Or White” by calling it “happy.”


  1. i think because slash has different view, slash is a rock star and Heavy Metal guitarist, he couldn’t appreciate a pop song.. but for sure Slash acknowledge Michael..
    i dont even like Slash.

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