Michael Jackson to Return to Las Vegas

Before the King of Pop’s untimely death the singer was struggling financially and in order to pay off some of his debts Michael Jackson was due to hold a mass auction of his possessions. The chance to bag a prize piece of Jackson memorabilia never happened for many fans, though, because of the singer’s death. All that is about to change though as Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino has announced that it will be holding a special Michael Jackson themed auction in June, one year on from his death.

Already fans are chomping at the bit to get a piece of the world’s greatest pop icon, with many people already estimating the auction will raise $1 million. The items on display (and available to buy) have been taken from the Kent home he would have stayed in during his “This Is It” tour. A wooden, hand-carved sofa is one item expected to fetch around $150,000, but the item many fans will be trying to get their hands on will be the iconic red jacket he wore in the famous “Beat It” video.

News has also come through that Jackson’s record team have recently signed a £132 million album deal which will see the most adorned pop singer in the world live on for many more years to come. Come June, Las Vegas will be a sea of Jackson fans all flooding the various casinos and hotels in order to snap-up a piece of their idol.


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