Timor Steffens to save SBS6 dutch tv program “Move like Michael Jackson”

Posted by Jacquelinek

AMSTERDAM – The ratings of Move like Michael Jackson are again collapsed. To avoid the costly show, which now has only attracted 409,000 viewers, the Saturday flop, SBS 6 is an asset. Besides Jermaine Jackson put them on Timor Steffens.

The Dutch dancer hammering hard on the road in America. “I have a work permit for two years. Thanks to Michael Jackson … ”

Timor is also in the Netherlands for the program. The 22-year old dancer lived since last year in Los Angeles. He would participate in the comeback tour of the King of Pop. “People think that before you happiness should have, but it’s just hard work. ”

Timor says: “I dance only four years. You can have talent, but if you doing anything with, you will get nowhere. I really was like a bouncing ball boy, hanging the clown in school. I’ve done judo six years, I played soccer, did to thai boxing, swimming, bowling. When I started dancing. And it was not matter of trying but really go for. If you go to your mouth, you learn there again. ”

The dance was talent in the first season along with So You Think You Can Dance. “As a dancer in the Netherlands you have little stage to show what you can. Therefore I have taken, I would like to compare myself in level. That is well managed, I was second. You must take risks but also realistic remain. If you can not swim do not jump into the deep. ”

“The U.S. is very different than in the Netherlands. They are not fish but sharks. You really fight to stand out, you’re one of the many. ” Timor was adopted as a dancer with This Is It, the show that Michael Jackson would be fifty times in London. “Therefore I now have half years in America to live with my work permit. It was the kickoff are of a tour. Michael took on the grand. ” Recalls: “When the rehearsals I had constantly thinking “I’m on stage,” instead of looking for Michael. We were just a bunch of children, as Michael comes from it. There was so much energy from him, you almost freezes. Your choreography forget. And when he died suddenly … ”

Timor has been through the whole circus afterwards, he was also at the funeral of The King of Pop. “Then you’re one big family. You are all one lost. I have Jermaine, juror Move Like Michael Jackson, also met. And many other world stars. But there is only respect and mourning. You are all sitting at one level. ”

“Michael gave to others, he was committed to nature, felt that everyone had to be nicer to each other. If we want dancers from Michael message continue to spread. We are still a group, have promotional made for the movie and the DVD. ”

Meanwhile, new U.S. projects done Timor. “I’m just three months spent with the film Burlesque, with Christina Aguilera and Cher. I’ve been through a lot at a young age. Michael Jackson me inspired, I want to inspire people. I hope I get better and better word, as art director and choreographer. ”

Timor is already able to exercise Move like Michael Jackson, which he April 10 to see. “I’ve made a spicy choreography for the participants. I have a whole week to worry about running. There are also many kids. They have Michael really know until after his death. I 30 acts to have made a performance on Can you feel it. We assume eight p.m. to the next round. ”

After the shooting, the dancer went back to LA. “I do miss Netherlands. My family and friends, not just the cold weather, haha. ”


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