Cane Murphy Releases New Song Featuring Michael Jackson

Posted by Jacqueline

In an effort to reach out to the people of Haiti, rapper Cane Murphy is releasing a new song featuring the late King of Pop himself-Michael Jackson.

“While thinking about the need for hope and the search for happiness that can sometimes be found in an uplifting song, the inspiration for ‘Reflections’ was born,” says Murphy. The world needs change, and it needs it now.

“Reflections of the Man in the Mirror” was written by Murphy in the form of a letter to the late Michael Jackson, asking him for help remembering life’s highlights and becoming a driving force for change.

“Do we wait to see if the world will change, or do we start by looking at ourselves in the mirror?” asks Murphy. “The concept of the song is not only to ask ourselves to remember the good times, [but also] rising above like the people of Haiti and remembering not to stay stuck thinking about the bad times”.

“Reflections of the Man in the Mirror” will appear on “The March Mixtape Madness Halftime Report”, a mixtape hosted by DJ Khaled and sponsored by coast2coast, Datpiff and HipHopdx. The mixtape will be featured on the front pages of, and

Cane Murphy isn’t placing a price tag on the digital release of “Reflections”. Instead, he’s asking fans to give a $0.99 donation to download both the fully mastered version of the song and cover artwork featuring Michael Jackson from Cane 100% of all sales will go directly toward helping the people of Haiti.

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