Michael Jackson: Wanna pay him respect? Shell out 3 Grands!

Posted by Jacqueline

When the God of Pop was all geared up to make a grand come back for his millions of fans, the almighty took him so far away, that none of the living world can reach to him. And now, the people have become so selfish and materialistic that they are charging thousands of pounds from Mj’s fans, who want to take a look at his grave.

Yes, it is true, that a few officials are charging up to 3000 pounds from all those fans who wants to come closer to MJ’s final resting place. But this is just one side of the coin. Reportedly, MJ’s family has barred the fans from visiting MJ’s grave, because they are becoming more a nuisance rather than civilized people. They are taking disrespectful pictures of the grave, posing in an inappropriate way on his grave and also some of them are littering the marble tomb. So they have to take this stern step.

“The family believe some former staff members who can find their way around existing security have been smuggling in fans for visits and charging them up to 3,000 pounds for the privilege,” The Daily Star quoted a source close to the family as saying.”

“Fans are taking in memorabilia and posing for inappropriate or even disrespectful photos next to Michael’s tomb. It has got completely out of hand. Photos of Michael’s final resting place have been turning up on websites all over the net and it is really starting to upset the family.”

But few officials are drawing monetary profits from this situation. They are allowing a few fans to sneak in, and in return they are asking for hefty money, that too under the table.

This is increasing the risk of public menace. The bereaved family is concerned that the fans might try to deface the tombstone, or they try to take away a few things as memorabilia. “Then there’s the worry about safety andsecurity . There is a risk the fans could scratch or deface Michael’s marble tomb or take away keepsakes left behind by friends and family.” Added the source.


  1. i love you michael for ever

  2. this is so great, love to see all the fans paying respect and remembering the King of Pop. this is wonderful Jacqueline, thank you for posting this here.


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