Michael Jackson Halloween Costumes

Posted by Jacqueline

Year after year, each Halloween there are several costumes that are either new or extremely popular. I remember when many boys were dressed as Spider-man after the popularity of the movie.

This year I am sure we are going to have a number of “new” ways of dressing up for Halloween and I am sure that a Michael Jackson Halloween costume is going to show up in many Halloween adult parties.

Throughout the years, many men have been dressing up as Elvis Presley. In fact there are some men who dream of looking like Elvis and not just around Halloween but they use every opportunity they have to dress like the King and in their own way, pay tribute to the now gone great singer they admire.

Therefore, I predict that starting this year, we will have many men and women wear a Michael Jackson Halloween costume or a wig that will make them look like him. Merchants are also getting ready for this trend and many online stores will be including many more Michael Jackson costumes than ever before.

If you prefer to save money and make your own Michael Jackson costume, there are a few things you can do.

Search the online catalogs to get ideas Pick a “look” that might be easy to imitate Get a “Michael Jackson” wig

For instance, if you look at the photo on the Thriller album, Michael Jackson is wearing a white suit with a black shirt. Now that’s an easy costume to come up with.

A pair of white pants, a white blazer, a black belt and a black shirt. Make sure you find a leopard print kerchief to put in that pocket.
Another easy to come up with look is black pants, ankle length, white socks, black loafers, a white v-neck t shirt a black sequence jacket and a black fedora.

You could buy a black sequence jacket at a consignment shop but if you can’t find one, perhaps a black shirt or a leather jacket will do. As far as the glove… Just go to your local drugstore and look for one of those body scrubbing gloves in the body wash section. They are usually white and are made of a shiny nylon thread that could pass as THE glove.

What about other costumes, you might add? Well, this year I think that Star Trek is still very popular. Trekkies will always be Trekkies, but for those of you who need an easy costume, especially for men or boys nothing could be easier.

Get a long sleeve t-shirt in either light blue or gold. Glue some gold or silver gift wrap ribbon on the sleeves (usually 3 bands of ribbon) and wear it on top of a black t-shirt. Make sure that the black t-shirt collars shows. If necessary, sew, pin or staple the necks so that the neck from the black t-shirt will show at all times. A pair of black pants and you are good to go. Buy a cheap Trekkie gun at toy store to complete the theme.


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