Michael Jackson’s dance teacher was Romanian!

Posted by Jacqueline

More than half a year after Michael Jackson’s death, information appear about the megastar that not many people know. Although he made history with his music and dancing, few people know that “King of pop” took ballet lessons from a Romanian.

Irina Brecher Hamilton, most famous classical ballet teacher in Los Angeles, gave ballet lessons to Michael Jackson and his dancers for the tour “This is it”, according to Gazette Express.

The proof appears in the documentary “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”, when, at minute 48, in the movie is a woman with strange accent which show the nine dancers how to make the correct movements that have consecrated Michael Jackson. Boys listen carefully the instructions and execute the orders given by the woman who barely reaches their shoulder. Although they were selected by Michael Jackson himself from almost 6,000 dancers, and although they are the best in the world, they obey the teacher’s instructions from whom they still have much to learn. The teacher is the Romanian Irina Brecher Hamilton, noone other than that the late king of pop music called her to work for him.

“I saw you doing like that, the Russian style. Is this Russian? No. This is Russian. See the difference? “Says Irina in the film, while boys embarrass the way it exemplifies the authoritative professional ballet movements to men.

Michael Jackson did not know she’s Romanian

Irina Brecher Hamilton is a ballerina since nine years old and emigrated from Romania during the communist period. The Romanian related for Express Monitor how she got to be a ballet teacher for the King of pop, but also for his three children.

It all happened because of her son Misha, who at just 15 years old began to dance in Aaron Carter’s tournaments, Janet Jackson, Beyonce and other international artists. In 2009, however, Misha fulfilled his dream and got to dance with Michael Jackson.

“One day, Aaron Carter said: “I have a gift for you”. Misha heard in the phone’s receiver: ‘Hi, this is Michael! I know you are on a tour and imitate my style. Do you want to dance for me?”, told Irina.

It didn’t last long and Misha wrote a new career for Irina next to Michael, although the Romanian taught ballet in several U.S. states. It happened in May 2009 at a rehearsal, when Michael said he wanted lessons in classical ballet for his nine dancers. All turned to Misha and he understood that his mother is most appropriate.

“It was me, the cameraman, Kenny Ortega and nine boys. Then Michael came and said: ‘I can not wait, I wanted to meet you’. Then embraced me. Nobody can understand what this man transmits, angelic generousity, a high spirit. You must see it to understand. Then he thanked Misha that he has brought me. Michael left after we finished”, recalled excited Irina.

Soon after, the assistant choreographer came to her and told her that Michael was impressed and he wants to take private lessons for him and his children.

Michael was in top form

Unfortunately, the Romanian didn’t start the lessons with the megastar. The last months until the fatidical day of June 25, were busy with rehearsals. ”The film shows exactly the level at which we rehearsed. Misha was coming at 2 in the night exhausted and told me: “Do you think I could give less than 120% to Michael?” “After a day of rehearsal, they needed 24 hours to recover. Who doubted that Michael was in top form, was seriously mistaken. It was the maximum force. He was never feeling bad. Motivated and strong. An authentic artist. I studied him carefully. In my life I saw many artists, but Michael is like noone. It was an energy, a master beside him, and the world seemed more serene”, she describes Michael.

The Romanian claims that “every gesture of Michael had a profound reason. He didn’t need words to convey a message.

She found out from TV that Michael died

When she and Misha found out that the megastar died, they felt that time stopped. The two attended the Memorial of the July 7 and the release of the documentary. Acquaintances were surprised when they saw the film because Irina had concealed its collaboration with the megastar.

In ”This Is It” documentary appear, in fact, three persons of Romanian origin: Irina, her son, Misha, and also Edward G. Robinson, American actor best known for gangster roles. Misha (22 years) was Michael Jackson’s replica in the documentary and shot all scenes in two nights. Moreover, he also had the honor of opening documentary.


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