Did Michael Jackson become a Christian right before he died?

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Was Michael Jackson a Christian?

Rumors are flying that pop superstar Michael Jackson became a Christian the day or week before he died on June 25. The most often repeated story claims that gospel music artist Andraé Crouch led Michael to accept Christ right before Michael Jackson died. I have received a couple of emails voicing this claim as well as a press release condemning Michael Jackson to a fiery hell. Readers will be relieved to know I plan to go down neither path.

In the article Michael Jackson’s gospel music ties, I have already discussed how Michael seemed to reinvent his faith as often as he did his music and his appearance. Here are some of the facts about Michael Jackson’s spiritual journey.

Michael Jackson’s spiritual roots

Michael Jackson grew up in the Jehovah’s Witnesses. He left the Jehovah’s Witnesses In 1987 in response to their disapproval of the “Thriller” video. During his 2005 trial Michael Jackson apparently turned to Kaballah (made popular by Madonna), indicated by the red string bracelet favored by Kaballah followers which he wore throughout the trial. During his life, Michael Jackson sought out several high profile spiritual advisers including Orthodox Jew Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and New Age guru Deepak Chopra. Chopra was seen on many television interviews following Michael’s death. Michael Jackson also followed several of his brothers into Islam. (Liveprayer.com) Michael Jackson was clearly a man searching for something to believe in.

Michael Jackson prays with Andraé Crouch

Referring again to Michael Jackson’s gospel music ties, I mentioned the relationship between Michael Jackson and gospel artist Andraé Crouch. To find out more about that last visit between Andraé Crouch and Michael Jackson, I visited the Facebook page of Andraé Crouch. Here is some of what has been posted by the admin and Andraé Crouch’s spokesperson:

“He (Michael Jackson) definitely had an ‘encounter’ with them (Andrae’ Crouch and his sister Sandra Crouch), Andraé says, ‘he did NOT reject Jesus or the prayer when they prayed, and gladly joined in prayer.’ He usually doesn’t touch anybody, but he touched them, and held their hands in a circle as they sang and prayed… There was NO actual ‘sinners prayer’ however, but they did talk and pray about Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Spirit” (the “anointing” was requested by Michael for his music).

However, the rumors persisted and became so widespread that Andraé Crouch;s spokesperson fianlly posted this note on Andraés Facebook page:

The Crouches did NOT lead Michael Jackson to the Lord, They DID pray with him, but NOT a prayer of “salvation”. It is a rumor that they “led him to Christ”. Please spread the “truth” as quickly as the rumor has spread.

Sandra Crouch addresses Michael Jackson rumors

Andrae’s sister, Sandra, Crouch addressed the rumors about meeting Michael Jackson with brother Andraé on her own Facebook page saying, “It has been brought to my attention that several media outlets have been erroneously reporting that my brother, Andrae Crouch and me met our dear friend Michael Jackson several weeks prior to his death so he could accept Christ. This is incorrect and absolutely not true.”

Sandra stated she and Andraé met with Michael recently to discuss recording two songs with their choir for his newest project. “Michael always had a respect and curiosity for spiritual things. During our meeting, not unlike many other creative/music meetings we’ve had with him the past, we sang together, prayed together and had a wonderful time.”

Another gospel artist, David Pack, shared some of his personal experience and witness to Michael Jackson in 1986 at: Michael Jackson, Jesus, and Me.

Michael Jackson is in God’s hands

None of us know what was in Michael’s heart when he died, and none of us should try to take on the mantle of God Almighty and act as Michael’s judge. We can examine the fruits of his life, both good and bad, but it is not up to us to place Michael Jackson in heaven or hell, no matter what we thought of him. Michael Jackson is in God’s hands now.


Michael Jackson’s Captain EO

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Michael Jackson: The man behind the legend

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MICHAEL Jackson was a legend who is sure to live in eternity. The whole world pursued him for his stardom and talent, but it was in Oman where he felt “truly at home”.

Michael came to Oman with plans for only three days but he went on to stay with us for 45 days. He loved Oman and its people. People treated him with love, just like a close friend. Michael was very impressed by the love and hospitality he got here which was sadly missing from his life.

Michael was highly impressed by Omani’s rich culture and many a times visited the Muttrah Souq. He bought several souvenirs from the souq and got quite friendly with the people. He visited the homes of many Omani families and spent a lot of time with them. He learned a lot about Omani lifestyle.

Michael spent a lot of time with us in our house. We often got together for lunch and he soon became a part of our family. He felt very comfortable here and shared a lot about his life and how people had treated him.

A doting dad

During one of those days, Michael told us about his children and said he wanted them to get the same affection that he received here. He asked them to come to Oman. When they finally arrived, he hugged them and told them in the car, “Welcome home kids”. I told him: “Michael, be careful, I’ll quote this in the media.” He said, “I don’t care, I love being here.”

We didn’t ask him to say this. People in other places offered him so many things but still he felt being at home in Oman.

At home we had organised a party for his children to introduce them to our kids. My sisters prepared a cake for him and his children. It was very special as it had his kids’ names in Neverland and Peter Pan with Michael’s face saying, “Free to be me in Oman”. Michael had tears in his eyes and he told me, “I want to stay here.”

My nephew Talal Zubair is a big fan of Michael. At the party he organised a show and imitated Michael’s moves and jives. Michael was thrilled and his kids said, “Dad you have to take Talal with you on stage next time.”

Talal and Michael became very close and they used to talk over the phone most of the time. Talal was devastated when he heard the news. The entire family was.

I don’t care what the media says but Michael was a loving father and was very patient with his kids. He used to teach them new things most of the time. I don’t believe all the rumours that float in the media.

One day we went with the kids to watch a movie. On his way back, Michael asked his son who was sitting behind in the car, what he learned from the movie. The boy was very intelligent and Michael was challenging him with more and more questions. He wanted his kids to be brilliant and to live the childhood he never had.

Michael himself read a lot. We gave him books about Oman’s heritage, architecture, crafts and music. One day he called me at 7am to ask about the different dynasties in Oman, the forts and the history.

The other side

Michael was very open and he loved people. Many people visited him at the hotel where he stayed and took pictures with him, but nobody took advantage of his global celebrity status. They did not release the photos in the media. That’s why he felt secure in Oman.

He loved Oman because people treated him like an ordinary person. He was happy to be here. He had travelled around the world and people used to tell him “Michael we love you.” Only in Oman they told him: “we love you and we want you to stay here”. Many people are very sad at such a great loss.

Michael was humble, generous and a true humanitarian. You would never believe what you hear or read about him if you had met him in person.

Sadly people around him took advantage of him.

Michael left Oman to go to the US when James Brown died. He was very sad but he promised to come back. He was planning to come to Oman in December this year to work with us.

He wanted to work especially with Dr Riyadh Hamzah to compose music and write poems together. I have a recording that says how much he wanted to live in Oman.

We will miss him a lot but he will always be in our hearts. I don’t think the world will ever have another Michael Jackson. He was one of a kind.


IS IT BECAUSE HE’S BLACK?: What They Don’t Want u 2 Know About Michael Jackson

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IS IT BECAUSE HE’S BLACK? What They Don’t Want to know about Michael Jackson
By Christopher Hamilton
(January 5, 2006)

What do you think of when you hear the name, Michael Jackson? Wacko? Criminal? Great Entertainer? Businessman? Whatever you think of MJ, throw all your thoughts out of the window and let’s examine some facts.

For years the media has labeled him “Wacko Jacko.” What happened to MJ? Wasn’t he the biggest thing in music at one point? When did he go crazy?

All anyone has to do is look when Michael started being portrayed as “Crazy.” It wasn’t during the “Thriller” years. It’s cool being a song and dance man. That’s what they want. DON’T DARE BECOME A THINKING BUSINESSMAN. DON’T DARE BUY THE BEATLES CATALOG. DON’T DARE MARRY ELVIS’ DAUGHTER. DON’T DARE BEAT THE RECORD INDUSTRY AT THEIR OWN GAME. Michael started being labeled crazy when he began making business moves that no one had been successful at doing.

Michael took two cultural icons and shattered them to pieces. All our lives, we’ve been bombarded with 2 facts. The Beatles were the greatest group of all time and Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll. Michael bought the Beatles and married the King’s daughter. (if that ain’t literally sticking it to the man) If I wasn’t a cynic, I’d say Michael did the Lisa Marie thing just to stick it to the people who consider Elvis the King.

The Beatles were great, but they weren’t great enough to maintain publishing rights over their own songs.

Elvis was great, but he didn’t write his songs. His manager, Col Tom Parker, was the mastermind behind Elvis … keeping him drugged with fresh subscription pills and doing all the paperwork.

Michael could do no wrong as an entertainer. “Off the Wall,” first solo artist with 4 top ten singles. “Thriller,” the biggest selling album of all time, with a then record 7 top ten singles. “Bad,” the first album to spawn 5 number one songs (even Thriller only had 2 number one songs). All this is cool. But that is all you better do. SING AND DANCE. Michael wanted to be greater. He bought the legendary Sly and the Family Stone catalog and no one really cared. When he bought the Beatles, people noticed. The Sony merger took the cake. Sony, in their eagerness to have a part of the Beatles catalog, agreed to a 50/50 merger with Jackson, thus forming Sony/ATV music publishing. Now, Michael co-owns half of the entire publishing of all of Sony artists. Check out the complete lists of songs at sonyatv.com. A sampling of the songs he owns the publishing rights to are over 900 country songs by artists such as Tammy Wynette, Kenny Rogers, Alabama. All Babyface written songs. Latin songs by Selena and Enrique Iglesias. Roberta Flack songs, Mariah Carey songs, Destiny’s Child’s songs. 2pac, Biggie and Fleetwood Mac songs. In essence over 100,000 songs. “What is this man doing?” None of the greats did this. Not Bono, Springsteen, Sinatra. “Who does he think he is? Get whatever you can on him.”

To “get” someone, you have to attack what they love the most. I’ll say no more on that.

The only man who even approaches MJ in taking on the industry is Prince and to a lesser extent, George Michael. They went after poor George Michael, publicly outing the man as a homosexual. Prince fought hard and made his point, but nevertheless still had to resort to using a major company to distribute his materials. There is nothing wrong with that. Prince would get the lion’s share, but the result were years of being labeled crazy and difficult.

The greatest moment for them was the Sneddon press conference. “We got him.” Never was such glee so evident. Who cares if we have evidence?

Michael was acquitted, did not celebrate, went home and left the USA. Best move ever. Now what is there left for the haters to do? He’s gone. “Gone, what do you mean he moved to Bahrain? Well, how the hell can we get him if he’s not here? Quick, get that columnist to write a series of articles on how MJ’s teetering on the brink of destruction. Oh we did that? Well, what can we do?”

On the outer surface, it appears Michael is not doing anything to make money. Don’t even count the weekly sales of his CDs. 15,000 CDs a week is nothing for Michael. The Sony/ATV catalog is money for Michael Jackson every time he breathes. Serious money. The fact that no one reports on the actual amount is proof of that. They would rather you believe he is broke than tell you the truth. Neverland is still owned by MJ. The family home in Encino is still owned by MJ. Michael still owns the Beatles songs through the merger with Sony as well as full ownership of his own songs. But, hey, that’s our little secret.

Michael Jackson is literally walking in the shoes that no Black person has ever walked in before. If he ever writes an autobiography, it will be one of the most interesting ever. A Black man with no real formal education becomes the most powerful man in the industry, DESPITE hatred, racism, enemies in his own camps and a media willing to be bought to the highest bidder.

If Sony had any sense, right now they should offer to continue the partnership. That’s the only way they will make future money off of Michael’s catalogue. Tommy Mattola did not lose his job with Sony because he was a bad label head. It was a casualty of war. MJ exposed him and Sony had to cut their losses. Companies do it all the time. Notice no one at Sony nor did Matolla himself ever sue MJ for slander. Michael always was loyal to his bosses at Epic/Sony. Back at the 1984 Grammys, he even brought then label head Walter Yetnikoff on stage with him at one point. He’s always thanked Dave Glew, Mattola and others at Sony in his acceptance speeches.

Sony can still do right by Michael, but it may be too late. However, they still should make a goodwill gesture, but how many times do businesses do that? If I were them, I’d still want MJ as an ally, not as an enemy. It is/was a mutally profitable merger.

I’d be scared as hell if I was an enemy of MJ while he is with the multi-billionaires overseas. Believe me, they aren’t just over there discussing designer clothing. A conglomerate is in the making.

One last note, these facts that I write here should not be the only times you hear this, but the sad fact is it probably is. I was worried that Michael would go down because of the uncertainty of the jury. That’s playing unfair. If I’m presenting these facts here at EURweb, YOU CAN BELIEVE THE MEDIA KNOWS IT ALREADY AS WELL. They aren’t salivating over everything MJ related just because he made “Thriller.” They know what’s up. Think about it. That’s why I laugh when I see shows like BET’s “The Ultimate Hustler.” We all know who that is. (How can Damon Dash know who the ultimate hustler is anyway? He lost Roc-a-fella to Jay-Z)

In the end, Michael won’t be known for being an alleged child molester. He won’t be known for “Thriller.” He will be known as the man that fought the record industry and won and lived to tell the tale. That is a book worth buying.

Christopher Hamilton is a freelance entertainment writer. He can be reached for questions or comments at mrcjhamilton@hotmail.com

NEVERLAND – Jan. 2010

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William Wagener takes you back for a Winter View of Neverland, on January 23, 2010, while listening for
sounds of Michael Joe Jackson. Panaramic views from the front Gate, of snow capped hills,
and more…. Spirit of Michael Jackson. William Wagener was the only TV show Host or New persons
who consistantly for over 2 months predicted that Michael Jackson would be found NOT Guilty, and did so in the FACE of Jim Moret, Jim Hammer, and Nancy DisGrace implying his guilt constantly. Now William goes back to the Gates so few ever got past, shows the split rail fense, that Janet Arviso said in court kept her from escaping, and much more…

Michael Jackson top songs

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I will be there
Smooth Criminal
Beat it
Billie Jean
They don´t care about us
Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
rock with you
I want you back
can you feel it
wanna be starting something
shake your body
blame it on the boogie
she´s out of my mind
human nature
the girl is mine
I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
another part of me
leave me alone
in the closet
who is it?
Give Into Me
dirty diana
black or white
the way you make me feel
you rock my world
remember the time
man in the mirror
will you be there
earth song
we are the world
heal the world
you are not alone
one more chance

Michael Jackson always loved his fans.

His fans will always love him too.

We´ll always remember you, Michael!


Quincy Jones wins lifetime achievement North Sea Jazz

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Rotterdam Netherlands-Producer, composer and musician Quincy Jones will receive this year’s Paul Acket Special Appreciation Award at the North Sea Jazz Festival. The acclaimed American artist gets the lifetime achievement award on Sunday, July 11 issued on last day of the Jazz Festival in Ahoy Rotterdam. This made the organization announced Wednesday.

According to North Sea Jazz, the 77-year-old Jones first to Netherlands. Jones has more than sixty years in the music industry. He is best known as producer of Michael Jacksons hit album Thriller.

The festival organization has the distinction to a person who has the field of jazz, in the broadest sense, is meritorious. Earlier it was announced that Paul Acket Award Artist Deserving Wider Recognition this year goes to trumpeter Christian Scott. The awards are named after the deceased in 1992 Paul Acket, in 1976 the first North Sea Jazz Festival organized.

North Sea Jazz Festival this year on Friday, September, Saturday 10 and Sunday, 1911 July.

This was from a dutch paper its translated